What We Do

We raise funds for NGOs working for animal welfare, in India.

Why We Do It

This idea stems partly from the belief that NGOs doing actual work on ground are often unable to raise charity due to resource and bandwidth constraints, limited networks and other reasons.
Not to take anything away from what they do AT ALL, we only want to help them do more of the brilliant work they do on ground, by leveraging our (perceived) talents to raise money. In that light we see ourselves not directly involved with the on ground work, but more as facilitators of the same.

Who We Are

Rashi Vidyasagar

RashiRashi is a researcher and a crisis interventionist. At Pet Santa, she has her hand in almost every pie, much like in real life. She truly believes (in the words of Schulz) “Happiness is a warm puppy.”

Anuradha Gadre

AnuradhaAnuradha is an entrepreneur and works with Universal Ozone Systems, a water purification company based out of bombay. She’s a lively, fun- loving girl and is extremely fond of animals which leads to her association with Pet Santa.

Aditi Rustagi

Aditi.RAditi is a Pre-Sales consultant in technology industry. She is a die-hard dog lover but her smothering love makes all the dogs go away from her. Hence this love now extends to animals of all sizes and shapes.

Michelle Dsouza

Vinit.PProne to fits of apathy. Unable to type with boxing gloves on. Infuriatingly humble communicator. Troublemaker. Michelle handles content for Pet Santa, and is nuts about her paapi (dog), Nemo.

Vinit Patil

Vinit.PA Pseudo Mallu, Vinit handles events at Pet Santa. He’s nuts about music, he also plays the drums in his free time, from Radiohead to Mumford and Sons. He loves to wander to unknown places, is a total foodie and on the whole, an over enthusiastic guy.

Abhishek Agarwal

AbhishekAbhishek, our founder, is a strategy consultant by profession and his choicest life partners would be a dog and a horse. Otherwise, he’s a tea enthusiast, a wannabe geek and a slave to two cats.

And far more important than any of the above people, is YOU – you wonderful people who have contributed to this initiative in one way or another, who have supported it and given us courage and motivation.

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