We are looking for interns across the following work-streams. Drop us a line at if you’re interested?

If it’s not obvious, we won’t be able to pay you, though we do promise you fun times, with a bunch of interesting people and a *lot* of licks and tail wags.

I. Due diligence

This group will be mainly responsible for the groundwork. Does an organisation do enough good work for us to give them money? Did they spend the money we gave them well? These are the two most important questions this group will answer. They will go to an organisation and see the work they do and come back and tell us what they think of it. Their opinion will be paramount to deciding if we give a particular NGO, funds and how much.
  • Due diligence on the NGOs we are working with
  • Identify their activities; take part in some of them to know how they work and they kind of work they do and prepare a report on how good they are
  • Post-donation, work with them to see how they are spending the money and to ensure proper utilisation

II. Content Based

Being a part of this group means that you will search the abyss of the internet for things to be put up on the website/social media. You will be a part of the editorial team which will curate articles from people for the website. Creating videos will be also be a part of this group’s responsibilities.
  • Create the static content – About Us, Mission Blah blah
  • Research and collate info on emergency contactsOnce we have the map running
  • Help on content editing, sourcing etc.
  • Write articles on news on policy and regulation changes etc related to pets and animals in India
  • Create NGO profiles

III. Events

Brainstorming, planning, executing events to fund raise will be your main responsibility. Getting venues, planning online events, talking to people to donate will be the key aspects.
  • Events – Coordinate with performers, venue, to get the event ongoing.
  • Create ‘programs’ for the event – plan what performers, reach out to them
  • Finalise venue for event
  • FInalise creatives for the event (posters etc) – will have support on the design part if needed but will need to decide the broad content
  • Handle part of the social media and coordinate with other to promote event

IV. Miscellaneous

  • Add to database of animal pictures, infographics, memes etc.
  • Input data into the map (vets, pet stores etc), emergency contacts, people looking to adopt pets etc.
  • Crawl the internet for blog posts with Pet Santa relevant content

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