Join Us

We definitely want the Pet Santa initiative to grow, within and outside of Mumbai. Here’s what you need to know if you want to join what one might call our ‘core’ team.


We need you to be a part of the team that decides. We need your ideas, we need your opinions, we need you to lead others/volunteers to spread awareness about PetSanta and Animal Welfare issues and raise funds.

We need you to take on some activities and be responsible for them (certain events / social media / managing blog posts and website published content / working with NGOs on the ground to ensure the money is well spent / coordinating with ‘business partners’ etc).

‘New’ City

What we will need you to do is be a part of and form the key team running this in your city. We will actively try and find like minded people who you can work with as a team. You will need to work to get more volunteers on board, who you are confident will devote the time and effort required. We would advise having a meetup and gauging the level of interest people have and they effort they are willing to put, to avoid any disappointments.

We do believe that a lot of the activities / ideas we have can be copied across cities – across all three dimensions (awareness of Pet Santa, awareness of issues around animal welfare and raising funds), and that should help. Also, coming up with ideas ideas that can be replicated in other cities.

The implementation of course will be your baby, but we will of course help in all ways possible, and more.

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